A3 Group was founded to provide high quality services related to the construction industry. For over 20 years, we have worked hand-in-hand with notable architects and well-known builders to achieve a handful of exceptional iconic structures. Our team share a passion to implement multiple aspects of concrete design and execution with primary focus on architecturally exposed concrete. We are inspired and driven by ever-increasing demand for the exposed concrete as one of the most attractive architectural materials.

پنل های بتنی پیش ساخته آمود آژند اندود
Concrete products

Exposed Concrete panel

در اجرای بتن های درجا، کنترل رنگ بتن مشکل بوده اما در پنل های پیش ساخته این موضوع تا حد بسیار زیادی قابل کنترل می باشد.

پنل های بتنی بافت دار آمود آژند اندود
Concrete products

Concrete Texture

We set out to produce high quality precast concrete panels in different textures like wood textures, fabrics textures and etc. you can see variety of other textures in pictures below.
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Concrete products

۳D panel

Precast Concrete panels can be divided into two categories of flat and three-dimensional panels.
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Concrete products

Concrete Stairs

It is possible to produce different types of precast stairs with different dimensions and forms, depending on the conditions and design, it can be install by different methods.
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Concrete products

Concrete Furniture

Urban furniture is a part of urban appearance that their beauty, harmony and appropriateness always makes the urban environment eye-catching and, among other factors, provides a pleasant environment and a suitable space for urban life.
هدایای بتنی آمود آژند اندود
Concrete products

Concrete Gifts

Concrete as a decoration background and all as different concrete accessories can give a special effect to the house and make it bigger and brighter. Concrete will also have an amazing effect in highlighting the elements used in decoration and giving depth to the interior.

Cast in place Concrete

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